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Summer Camp Swimming

Our Swim Philosophy

We believe every child is special and unique in the way they develop mentally and physically. With all the demands and pressures on children today, we believe swim lessons should be a fun and meaningful experience. At the same time, we strongly believe the skills we are teaching children could make a difference throughout their personal lives, and we take this task seriously. Each child is challenged gently and patiently while encouraged to master the skills taught.

Our Swim Instructors

Ensure your child's summer is splashed with fun and safety at our camp, where our certified swim instructors and lifeguards are at the heart of every aquatic adventure! With a keen eye for safety and a passion for teaching, our team is trained to offer personalized summer camp swimming lessons that cater to all skill levels.

Our Swim Program

Campers receive swim instruction up to 3 days per week in 45-minute intervals, accompanied by time to practice their skills during the recreational swim. Our program is separated by age group. All swimmers are individually tested and evaluated. They are placed into small groups based on their individual needs. Lifeguards also offer 1:1 instruction.

Our Swim Evaluation

At the end of each session, swimmers are evaluated and a progress card is sent home. REMEMBER swimming is not a pass/fail program. Your child needs to develop these physical skills with practice and time. It is common for a child to be in the same level for an entire camp year. Do NOT compare your child with others. He/she is an individual and needs to seek personal goals versus group/peer goals.

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