Choosing the Right Summer Day Camp Program in Queens, NY

Queens NY Summer Day Camp ProgramChoosing the right summer day camp program in Queens, NY can be confusing.  Believe it or not, in January it’s a good idea to start thinking about what summer day camp program is best for your kids.  Parents who plan ahead can give themselves enough time to explore all of the summer day camp programs that Queens has to offer without feeling rushed.  Planning early may also give parents an opportunity to save money by getting early bird specials. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right summer day camp program in Queens for your kids:

1. Be Sure to Ask Your Kids What Activities They Would Like to Do in the Summertime.

Parents and kids don’t always have the same expectations when it comes to a summer day camp.  For one thing, camp should be about fun.  Kids work hard in school all year round and summer day camp should offer your children an opportunity to blow off some steam.  A great summer day camp experience should include the ability to try new things, and do the things that children love to do.  Kids should get plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors – but should also have time to spend in well-air-conditioned indoor places. Some kids may want to go to a camp where a best friend goes and others may tell you the activities that they enjoy.  Once you understand what your child is looking for in a summer day camp program, it should help you to make a decision.

2. Ask Other Parents

Searching the web, getting flyers, seeing advertisements are all useful ways to find out about summer day camp programs.  However, speaking with other parents will help you to get ideas about summer day camp programs from people who experienced them firsthand. 

3. Go to an Open House Tour

When selecting a summer day camp program, it is a very good idea to actually go to an open house tour to meet the staff and see the facility.  It is also a good idea to take your children along with you.  It is a good idea to ask questions about how long the summer day camp program has been in business, the camp tuition costs, the camper return rate, camper to counselor ratio and the camp activities. It is a good idea to ask your child their opinion before leaving the open house tour.

4. Inquire About the Summer Day Camp Staff

It is important to know as much as you can about the summer day camp staff.  Do they have NYS licensed principals on staff?  Do they have licensed teachers on staff?  How do they hire summer camp counselors?  The counselor-to-camper ratio is very important to pay attention to.

5. How Flexible is the Schedule?

Is it mandatory to send your child to summer camp 5 days per week?  Do they offer 3 or 4 day per week summer day camp programs?  How many weeks is the camp?  Is it mandatory to send your children for the full 8 weeks?  Can you pick and choose the weeks that work for you?

6. Consider What’s Practical

Sometimes the perfect camp may just not work for you and your children.  Does it make sense to have your child on a bus for four hours every day traveling back and forth?  No matter how great the camps in Long Island are, the drive from Queens to Long Island might just drain your child of all the fun they could be having if they didn’t have to travel so far. 

7. Specialty Camps

Specialty camps may be a good idea for a week or two, but the same old thing can get boring for a full summer.  Instead of choosing a camp that focuses on science, hang gliding or rodeo skills – it may be a better idea to opt for a traditional camp that offers a variety of activities, including sports, swimming, arts-and-crafts, and field trips.

8. Heat Factor

It can get very hot during the summer.  When choosing a summer day camp program, be sure that the children have swimming built into their schedule.  The campground should be shady and there should be indoor activities to ensure that the kids are not out in the heat all day long.  It is important that the summer day camp program builds in time for water breaks so that the children can stay well hydrated.

9. Safety

It is important to ask about how the summer day camp staff handles accidents.  It is also important to ask what they do to prevent accidents.  How first aid is administered is an important question to ask as well.

10. Refunds & Extensions

What happens if your child doesn’t like it and you have already paid for the full summer?  Does the camp have a refund policy or are you stuck?  What about if your child loves the camp and you only signed up for 2 weeks?  Can you extend your child’s enrollment so that he/she can attend for additional weeks?

Good luck in your efforts to find a great summer day camp program in Queens, NY.  Choose a camp that is fun and safe and you won’t be disappointed.

To find out about World of Discovery Day Camp’s next Open House, call us at (718) 229-3037 or visit our Summer Day Camp Program Open House page.

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