New York City Summer Day Camps Are Not All Created Equal: World of Discovery NYC

new-york-city-summer-day-campAre you looking for the best summer day camp in New York City?  If you live in New York City and you have children, it is important to do research before sending your children to just any summer camp in NYC.

New York City summer day camps are not all created equal.  There are many things to consider before making the decision about which summer day camp is best for you.

First, let’s examine how long a summer day camp has been in business.  It is important for a summer day camp to be established.  The staff should have experience running a summer day camp, working with children and dealing with scheduling, safety plans and everything else that comes with running a summer day camp in New York City.

It is a good idea to avoid a brand new camp that is just starting up.  Brand new means that they are going to learn about the camp business using your kids as the ‘guinea pigs’.   Before sending your child to a NYC summer day camp, ask how long they have been in business. 

Another important aspect of a NYC summer day camp is the staff.   The summer camp staff should include several NYS licensed teachers and administrators.  It is important to ask about the directors and camp counselors as well as their credentials.  What is the ratio of summer camp staff to campers?

Another important component of a summer day camp in New York City is transportation.  Find out what bus company they use.  Find out about their drivers.  Are they NYS Board of Education certified bus drivers?  Are the summer camp buses air-conditioned?

It is also a good idea to find out if there are campers from your neighborhood who attend the camp.  Maybe some people at your child’s school have heard of the camp.  Maybe congregants of your church or temple attend the camp.

It is very important to find out about the activities at the summer day camp.  Are there sports activities, non-sports activities, arts & crafts, swimming, field trips?  Are the sports activities instructional or recreational.  Is there swim instruction?  Where do children go on field trips?

Rainy days at NYC summer day camps must be well planned.  What is the plan when it rains?  New York City summer day camps must have plans in place in the event of inclement weather.

The most important feature of a New York City summer day camp is safety.  What is the summer day camp’s safety plan?  What happens if a child is sick?  What happens if a child is injured?  Is the staff trained to handle emergencies?  What is the protocol for children who sustain injuries?

When searching for a summer day camp in New York City, you must be well prepared.  Hopefully the items mentioned above are a good place to start in your search for the best New York City summer day camp.

For more information about World of Discovery Summer Day Camp, the best summer day camp in New York City, call us at 718-229-3037, email us at or visit our New York Summer Camp Open House. 

Our next NYC summer camp open house:

 Date: January 29th, 2012
Time: 12pm-3pm
Location: North Flushing Swim Club, 141-01 32 Avenue, Flushing NY

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