10 Tips to Choosing a Summer Camp in Queens, NY: World of Discovery Summer Camp of Bayside, Queens NY

Queens NY Summer Day Camp ProgramDo you live in Queens, NY?  Are you thinking about sending your kids to a summer camp this summer?  Are you not quite sure where to start your search for summer camps in Queens?  There are academic summer camps, there are summer camps that focus on a particular sport and there are summer camps that focus on a particular talent.  It is important to try to find the right summer camp that is a fit for your child.

Whether you live in Forest Hills, Bayside, Astoria, Rego Park, Whitestone, College Point, Douglaston, Little Neck, Fresh Meadows, Flushing or any other neighborhoods in Queens, NY you shouldn’t feel compelled to find a camp in your particular neighborhood.  Summer camp bus transportation is available to pick up and drop off your children right at your doorstep.

The decision as to which summer camp to send your child to should be based on the following 10 Tips to Choosing a Summer Camp in Queens, NY:

1.  It is important to select a summer camp that is well-established with a history of success.  A summer camp that is just starting out will most likely still have to work out the kinks.  A summer camp that is established generally has had the experience and time to work out a summer camp schedule that works well for children.

2. It is important to find out as much as possible about the summer camp staff.  Are there licensed principals on staff?  Are there licensed teachers?  Are the summer camp staff members certified in CPR or American Red Cross First Aid?  What about the summer camp counselors?  How is the staff trained, what is the hiring process and what percentage of the summer camp counselors return back each summer?

3. Does the summer camp do background checks on their employees?  Summer camps should all do background checks on their employees.

4.  It is a good idea to pay close attention to the counselor-to-camper ratio.  The standard for summer camps should be a 5:1 ratio at the highest and should range to 3:1.

5. Ask about what safety protocol is in place at the summer camp in case of an emergency or if a child is ill.  Summer camp staff should be trained in CPR and first aid.

6.  Find out what meals are served.  It is important to know that the summer camp will be offering your children healthy options.

7.  Is there a balance of sports and non-sports activities?  What sort of activities does the camp offer for kids who are very athletic and into sports?  What kinds of activities are there for children who are not as much into sports?  A well-rounded summer camp should offer a variety of physical activity, artistic expression and socialization.

8.  It is important to include your child in the summer camp planning process and selection process.  Ask your child what kind of summer camp he/she would like to go to.

9.  How far is the summer camp from your home?  How long will your child be on the summer camp bus?  Does the summer camp do anything to make the bus ride more tolerable?  How efficient is the summer camp bus route?

10.  Do the children go on summer camp field trips?  Are the summer camp field trips included in the summer camp tuition?  What sort of summer camp field trips do the campers go on?  How often do the campers go on field trips?

Summer Camp Open House

World of Discovery Summer Day Camp has a Summer Camp Open House scheduled for Thursday, April 28th, 2011 from 7pm – 9pm at the North Flushing Swim Club.  If you have already missed our April 28th Summer Camp Open House, not to worry – we have another summer camp open house scheduled for Sunday, May 1st , 2011 from 12:00pm – 3:00pm. 

If you have missed our May 1, 2011 Open House please visit our Summer Camp Open House site for the next available date.  For directions or to find out the date of our next summer camp open house, click here: Summer Day Camp Open Houses

For more information, please feel free to contact World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens at P.O. BOX 604010 • BAY TERRACE, NY 11360-4010 • 718-229-3037 • info@worldofdiscovery.org. 1 GREAT SUMMER!

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