Finding an Affordable Summer Camp in Queens: Is it Possible?

Whitestone Queens Summer Day CampIn this tough economy, parents are trying to find ways to cut costs and get the most for the money they do spend.  Many parents want to send their children to summer camp, but they are not sure if summer camp is a good financial decision.

When thinking about the cost of summer camp, you must also consider the alternative to summer camp.  What will your children be doing if they do not attend summer camp?  Will you need to get child care?  Will you be staying home with them?  Even when parents stay home with their children for the summer, there are still expenses associated with not sending your children to summer camp.

Summer camp costs versus child care costs for parents.

Summer camp is a great choice for families where both parents work.  Parents can take comfort in knowing that their child is being taken care in an environment that is safe and fun!  It is important to consider how much child care will cost as compared to summer camp.  Summer camp provides door-to-door transportation, meals, activities, swimming lessons, and admission to all field trips.  If you paid a babysitter, the cost may be even more than the cost of tuition at summer camp.

Summer camp may also be tax deductible.  Depending on your family you may qualify for a child care credit of up to 20 percent.

Summer camp is an investment in your child’s future.  Attending summer camp provides your child with many learning opportunities and friendships that can benefit them for years to come.

At World of Discovery Summer Day Camp of Bayside, Queens , NY we understand that summer camp is one of the areas that parents may be tempted to cut back when money is tight, so we make every effort to make our summer camp affordable.

If you are looking for an affordable summer day camp, be certain to visit us at one of our Summer Day Camp Open Houses

World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside, Queens NY has been offering the children of Whitestone, Queens NY fantastic summer fun for nearly 30 years!

For more information, please feel free to contact World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens at P.O. BOX 604010 • BAY TERRACE, NY 11360-4010 • 718-229-3037 • 1 GREAT SUMMER!

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