Looking for a Summer Camp in New York City?

Whitestone Summer Day CampMaking the decision to send your child to summer camp in New York City takes consideration.  Finding the right summer camp in New York City can be challenging.  It is important to consider your child’s interests and personality.  It is also important to think about the activities that he/she enjoys.  Does your child love to swim?  Does your child like to go on field trips?  Does your child like sports?  Does you child like arts and crafts?  Maybe you’re child has many interests and it might be a good idea to explore a summer camp that features a combination of several of these activities.

In New York City, there are summer camps that offer amazing sports programs such as baseball, basketball, tennis and soccer.  Some children may just like to socialize with other children and prefers an assortment of activities.

Besides your child’s interest, it is also important to consider the cost of the day camp.  Day camps in New York City can be expensive.  The prices of camps differ considerably.  When considering the cost, think about the alternative.  Where will your child be during the summer if he/she doesn’t go to camp?  If you are still going to need child care, that can be expensive as well.  Summer camp may be similar in price to a day care center.  Summer camps generally offer more fun activities than day care centers.

It may be a good idea to use the internet to help find a summer camp in New York City.  Be sure to read reviews and try to get references.  It is a great idea to visit a summer camp Open House as well.

For more information about finding the right camp, please feel free to contact World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens at P.O. BOX 604010 • BAY TERRACE, NY 11360-4010 • 718-229-3037 • info@worldofdiscovery.org. 1 GREAT SUMMER!

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