Advantages to Sending Your Child to a Summer Day Camp Program in Queens, NY

Advantages of Sending You Child to a Summer Day Camp Program in Queens, NY

Queens Summer Day CampDid you attend a summer day camp program as a child?  Summer camp memories are priceless and last a lifetime.  At World of Discovery Summer Day Camp of Bayside, Queens NY we specialize in providing the children of Queens, NY with quality summer day camp programming.

For over 30 years, World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside, Queens NY has been putting smiles on the faces of the families of Queens, NY.

Summer Day Camps: Making Friends

Sending your child to a summer day camp has many advantages.  One advantage is socialization.  Children need socialization to form friendships and to experience interacting with others.  Summer day camps offer an excellent opportunity for children to make friends.

Summer Day Camps: Playing Sports

Summer day camps expose your child to various sports and activities in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Many children throughout Queens, NY are on soccer teams or play little league baseball.  In most of those leagues, the atmosphere can be very intense.  Parents and coaches yelling instructions across the field can make these activities less fun.  Generally, when playing in sports leagues, the children show up for the game, play in the game and then go home. 

When in comes to sports activities, the atmosphere is different at World of Discovery Summer Day Camp.  Our division leaders and camp counselors offer campers choices as to what sports they would like to participate in.  Sports specialists instruct children in various sports and teach campers how to play the games.  Campers practice the skills they have learned in a non-competitive fun atmosphere.  At our summer day camp, the focus is on sportsmanship and fun – rather than winning and losing.

Summer Day Camps: Field Trips

Children who come to World of Discovery’s summer day camp program get to experience field trips to some of the most exciting child-friendly locations that New York City and Long Island have to offer.

Summer Day Camps: Swim Program

Campers at World of Discovery Summer Day Camp also get to swim in our beautiful private outdoor pool.  Swim sessions last 90 minutes.  We offer 45 minutes of instructional swim and 45 minutes of free swim.  Instructional swim is optional and our staff of American Red Cross certified lifeguards teach children how to swim under the direction of our Aquatics Director.

Still not convinced about all of the advantages of sending your children to a summer day camp program?  We would like to invite you to one of our Summer Day Camp Open Houses to further explain what goes on at World of Discovery Summer Day Camp of Bayside, Queens NY.

To find out about World of Discovery Day Camp’s next Summer Day Camp Open House, call us at (718) 229-3037 or visit our Summer Day Camp Open House page.

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