Summer Day Camp Program Benefits in Queens, NY

Summer day camp programs are an important part of a person’s childhood.  I have fond memories growing up in Queens NY and attending a summer day camp program.  Children who do not have the opportunity to attend a summer day camp program in Queens may stay home or go to the local playground.  But, nothing compares to the experience that children get from attending a summer day camp program.  Great memories, new experiences and an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends is something that is priceless.  Kids work hard in school, get lots of homework each night and even get homework on weekends and special projects during the holiday breaks.  When do kids get the chance to be kids?

Queens Summer Day Camp programSummer day camp programs provide opportunities for kids to be kids.  Playing sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, tennis have many benefits to children.  Besides the health benefits of exercising, children learn valuable lessons about socialization, teamwork, sportsmanship and many other experiences that they can use in other aspects of life.  Summer day camp programs offer children the opportunity to be active in the great outdoors.  Summer day camp programs can give children who are not the best athletes among their peers to thrive in a non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Sometimes, youth sports leagues can be too competitive for certain kids and can turn them off to sports.

Summer day camp programs provide a place for children to swim.  Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, but it is refreshing in the summer and is a valuable skill that can carry over into many areas.  Learning to swim opens up many more avenues for children – especially when parents go on vacations to places that have swimming pools and are near beaches.

Field trips are another important factor present in summer day camp programs.  Field trips offer an opportunity for children to learn outside of the traditional classroom model.  Children can reap the benefits of experiencing new and interesting places.  Summer day camp programs that offer field trips to exciting places are not only fun, but another way for children to learn in an informal setting.

To find out more about the benefits of summer day camp programs, please visit one of the World of Discovery Summer Day Camp Open House sessions.  Our summer day camp program directors will be happy to discuss everything that World of Discovery Day Camp has to offer.  Feel free to check our Summer Day Camp Open House web page for the latest dates.

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