World of Discovery Day Camp is REALLY a WORLD of Discovery!

World of Discovery Day Camp is a world of discovery – literally!  You may know that World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens, NY has been serving the children of Queens, NY for nearly 30 years – but one thing that you may not know is that we have been privileged enough to have had the opportunity to take in children from all over the globe! 

World of Discovery Day Camp

In the past, we have had campers from China, Korea and many more places.  Generally, the children have relatives in Queens, NY and they come to the United States for the summer to learn the English language.  What better environment to learn the language while socializing with fellow campers and being supervised by our terrific camp counselors?  Being outdoors with your peers in a relaxed environment where campers can participate in sports activities, arts and crafts, swimming and much more offers something that sitting in a classroom just can’t compete with.  We have had campers from Greece, Israel, and Italy as well.  As a matter of fact, this past summer – we had the pleasure of meeting a camper from Italy who came to America to stay with relatives.  The campers came to World of Discovery Day Camp, a shy kid without a command of the English language and without any friends.  It was truly amazing to see how he was welcomed from the World of Discovery day camp campers and counselors – it must’ve been his superior soccer skills that broke the ice.  Within a few minutes the campers embraced their fellow camper that came from all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.  Any families overseas who are looking for a safe and fun atmosphere in the United States for their children to spend the summer are encouraged to contact World of Discovery Day Camp.  Our staff is experienced in dealing with children who don’t speak the language, are not familiar with our customs and who arrive at camp without any friends.  In the past, we have had campers from Africa, Spain, Poland, England and countless other countries from around the world.  Find out more about getting a passport and visa regulations.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

For more information, please feel free to contact World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens at P.O. BOX 604010 • BAY TERRACE, NY 11360-4010 • 718-229-3037 • 1 GREAT SUMMER!

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