What is the Best Children’s Swimming Program / Swimming Pool in Bayside, Queens?

When searching for a Swimming Program for children, it is important to take into account several factors.


Swim Instruction Queens
World of Discovery Swim Program focuses on fun and safety!

As adults, many of us understand just how intimidating the concept of swimming can be to children who are uncomfortable in water.  This is especially true for young children.  Kids need to be comfortable before they can start to learn how to swim.  For this reason, the Swim Program at World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside, Queens focuses on safety and fun in a comfortable learning environment.  Our team of certified swim instructors encourage safe, enjoyable swimming/  Swim instructors teach campers how to swim using a series of American Red Cross lesson plans and benchmarks.  


We believe that children benefit most from swim lessons that are fun, meaningful and that give kids an experience that they can relate to.   We  strongly believe that children must be taught to swim at their own pace.  Before effective swim instruction can take place, children must first be comfortable with their surroundings in the water.  Once children are comfortable swim instruction can begin.  Swim instruction is best when children are patiently taught skills and challenged gently to advance.  Children learning to swim have a tendency to use their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.  Good swim instructors will utilize these strengths to eliminate the weaknesses.  

Our Aquatics Director is WSI certified by the American Red Cross.  Each of our swim instructors are lifeguards.   Swim instructors are carefully picked according to their certifications and their ability to work with children in a manner that is sensitive to their specific needs.

Our swimming pool is among the most beautiful pools in all of Queens.  Located in North Flushing, our lifeguards, staff and campers have the pool to themselves.  It is a private pool used exclusively by World of Discovery.  At 2 – 3 feet deep, World of Discovery’s swimming pool is the perfect depth to teach campers how to swim.  The Olympic size pool is sib-divided into 4 separate pools to ensure water safety and organization.  Campers receive swim instruction 3-5 days per week in 30 minute intervals.  Campers are also given the opportunity to practice their skills during the recreational swim time.  World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside, Queens’ swim program categorizes swimmers by age group and ability.  All swimmers are individually tested and evaluated. They are placed into small groups based on their individual needs. Lifeguards also offer 1:1 instruction.


Swim Instruction Bayside Queens

At World of Discovery all swimmers are individually tested and evaluated. Campers are placed into small groups based on their individual needs. Lifeguards also offer 1:1 instruction.

Campers are periodically tested.  Swimmers are evaluated and swim progress cards are sent home.  It is important to remember that swimming is not a pass/fail program.  Your child needs to develop these physical swimming skills with practice and time.   Sometimes a child may remain in the same level for the duration of the camp session.  It is a good idea to avoide comparing your child with others and to remember that he/she is an individual and is served best when focusing on accomplishing personal swimming goals versus group/peer swimming goals.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time during the session, please feel free to call us. Our goal is to keep your child smiling while learning to swim!   We hope your child will enjoy coming to class each day. This is how we know we did a good job teaching your child how to swim.

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